How to Fix a Side Table With Glue



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This is just a quick way to fix a side table, or anything like one!

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Step 1: Using the Right Glue

So my table has a screw in it connecting the top to the bottom, but the threads that the screw needs to go into are gone! So I'm just gonna be using glue to fix this and I'm gonna be using two kinds: Wood glue, and Gorilla glue. Now wood glue won't adhere to metal very well so I'm gonna use the Gorilla glue to put in the hole and wood glue to go around the edges where there is wood against wood. Gorilla glue expands a ton so I didn't want to use that on the edges and worry about sanding it off if it expanded through the edges. So I'm just putting a couple drops of the Gorilla glue inside the hole, and then using a popsicle stick I'm spreading the wood glue around the edge.

Step 2: Cleaning Up and Leveling Out

I'm done with the glue so I put the top on and pushed firmly down and cleaned up any glue that may have squished out. Next I just played around with the table and used a level to make sure it was even. Let it sit and you should be good! You may want to put out a sign and pray no one comes and tries to pick it up! (I did) Hope this helped!

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