How to Floating Things Without Strings!

Introduction: How to Floating Things Without Strings!

Learn How to Floating Things without strings! You can learn how to flying card, floating card, levitating card, or something, very very simple!

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    Dream Dragon
    Dream Dragon

    6 years ago on Introduction

    I know of at least one method for levitating a person that uses the same principle, (although they don't usually impale the girl on the point of a pencil), and it's been used several times in movies. One famous, though perhaps not very "kid Friendly" example involved levitating a bed with the character on it. A wooden beam passed under the bed, through a hole in the wall (which acted as the fulcrum for the lever like the heal of the hand in this demonstration) and two men pushed down on the other end to lift and shake the bed. The effect is quite realistic and believable in the context of the story and the fixed point of view of the movie camera hides all sorts of machinations...