How to Fold a CD/DVD Envelope

Introduction: How to Fold a CD/DVD Envelope

Have you ever lost the case to a CD or DVD? It's important to store your discs so they don't get scratched or dirty, so I came up with an easy, one minute solution that protects your discs from harm.

Step 1: Gather Materials

All you need is a sheet of printer paper and the CD you wish to encase.

Step 2: Place the CD/DVD in the Rough Center of the Paper.

Step 3: Fold Over the Left Side As Shown.

Step 4: Repeat With the Right Side.

Step 5: Fold Up the Entire Bottom - Try to Keep the CD in the Center.

Step 6: Do the Same With the Top.

Step 7: Unfold the Top...

Step 8: And Fold the Corners Down As Shown.

Step 9: Remove the CD and Insert It Into the Slot the Two Bottom Flaps Make.

Step 10: Tuck the Top Into the Bottom Flap.

Step 11: Admire Your Handiwork and Label the Envelope on the Reverse Side.

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    No problem, and yes, it's a simple skill that can prove very useful. Thanks for viewing and commenting!