How to Frame a Wall

Introduction: How to Frame a Wall


Lets start with what this is used for. In this step by step process you will learn how to build a miniature wall this will also help you be able to design or build a doll house, a real house, and or a structured deck. there are many applications for this skill in the world. so the materials list will start next.

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Step 1: Materials List: This Is What We Need

First if you have never used some of these items please ask for assistance.

  1. sheet of 1/2 inch ply wood the sheet should be at least on full size sheet of ply wood
  2. tape-measure
  3. large space to work
  4. nail gun will tiny nails/ wood glue works too
  5. access to a band saw/ table saw could work too
  6. air compressor
  7. air hoes for nail gun
  8. chop saw
  9. pencil

With all this we can go to the next step!

Step 2: Cut the Wood

with the band saw and the knowledge needed to run the machine you take your ply wood sheet and cut strips at 1/4 inch thickness this way it makes a long strip like in the picture. keep cutting so you use up all the sheet of ply wood. the next cut will be with the chop saw you need 7 pieces of wood cut at 7 inches. than cut 2 pieces of woos at 12 inches. all these pieces make one wall.

Step 3: The Set-up

first set up your area and your tools you need to grab the compressor and the air hoes and connect the hoes to the compressor. then grab your nail gun and connect it to the air hoes and put nails in it. now you are ready to build your wall.

Step 4: The Build

take your 12 inch piece and mark with your pencil a mark every 2 inches evenly on the piece of wood. repeat on the other 12 inch piece. than you can grab your nail gun and line up one of your 7 inch pieces on one of the marks and nail through the 12 inch piece into the 7 inch piece. repeat till you have your final product.

Step 5: !!!!!!Congratulations!!!!!!

your done and now you have made a prototype wall for a house. yaayyyy!

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    2 years ago

    Very nice prototype!