How to Freak Out Your Roommate




Introduction: How to Freak Out Your Roommate

I am 15 and go to Portree High School

Here is how to freak out your roommate in a few simple steps.
Requirements: bed, two pillows, dovet and a scary mask.

Step 1: The Body

Place two pillows under your dovet in a line to create the effect of a body.

Step 2: The Head

Place your mask at the appropriate end of the pillows making sure to keep it in the right shape, possibly stuffing it with a woolly hat or something, and then you will have your monster.



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    7 Discussions

    nice trick up your sleeve you got there!

    what ever bed you like:)

    This could work very well if it's placed in their bed and not yours.

    I like this I might just try it out

    That's a pretty good prank, lol :)