How-to Generate Your FIRST Geo-Targeted (Local Area) Phone Number!

Introduction: How-to Generate Your FIRST Geo-Targeted (Local Area) Phone Number!

Here are the simple instructions on how-to generate a Geo-Targeted (Local Area Code) forwarded phone numbers using our exclusive user management system at!

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Step 1: Generate a 30 or 90 Day Geo-Targeted Phone Number

You can either click on the Generate Numbers tab from the navigation after logging in OR by clicking the generate numbers button to the right of each number type on your main dashboard screen.

Buy Numbers for -- Category $/Number

Geo Targeted 30 Days (Instant Delivery) $3.00 Generate Numbers
Geo Targeted 90 Days (Instant Delivery) $3.75 Generate Numbers

Step 2: Geo-Targeted Settings

Refer to the image to see breakdown on setting details! Please be sure to double check before submitting. After you click the submit button you will instantly see your forwarded phone number on your dashboard. Your number may appear highlighted blue which is a Pending status and will be white after page refresh (after about a minute).

Step 3: Your Number Is NOW Ready for USE!

You will now see your newly generated phone number on your main dashboard screen!

In this example your new number would be 6468786005

With all calls being forwarded to 3475135716.

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