How to Get Flappy Bird Back for Android - No Fake

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Ever since Flappy Bird has been taken off the Play Store, thousands of us have been trying find the real thing again. Many are thinking 'Why the heck did I delete it?' or even 'Why didn't I download it?'. Now because of the Flappy Bird craze, people are buying pre-downloaded Flappy Bird on it for thousands.

Lately, I have searching online to find DotGear's Flappy Bird, and there it was. The real thing.

Step 1: Allowing Apps Install From Unknown Sources

You need to do some setting changes so the apk (android package) can download.

Go to Settings > Apps > Unknown Sources

If it doesn't say this on your device, go to Settings > Security/Privacy and tick the box that says 'Unknown Sources'. You can undo this later if you wish.

Step 2: Getting Flappy Bird

For the Flappy Bird link, click here. You will only be able to access this through a Android tablet or Smartphone. It will come up with a tab at the bottom. Press install. Click the button which says 'Open' as you would like it to install onto you device. There will be two options: Open in File Manager or Package Installer. Press that then press Always. The Apk Installer will appear with all the app info, like it would in the Play Store. Press 'Install', and then it will install on to your device.

Step 3: Enjoy!

Enjoy having Flappy Bird back! If there is any problems, please comment and I will answer as best I can.



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