How to Get Free Gem in Clash of Clan Using Whaff Reward

Introduction: How to Get Free Gem in Clash of Clan Using Whaff Reward

WHAFF Rewards gives you chance to win rewards constantly. This app is developed by Techdrug. According to them, this is the best rewarding app. You get reward for downloading apps and inviting your friends to use this app.

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Step 1: Download Whaff Reward Application

You Can download whaff reward application from Play store

Step 2: How Can Get Rewards

To earn more, download and use games/apps using Whaff!
WHAFF added the new feature that you can get rewarded constantly
Get rewarded constantly with one app
Now earn free allowance with the best reward app, WHAFF!

With credibility and reliability, WHAFF is your best choice!

1. Get rewards for download an app
2. Get rewards for using the app
3. Get rewards for maintaining the app on your device
Nothing can give you free money like WHAFF!
Try WHAFF now and discover our new feature!
Now gain money constantly with the best reward app WHAFF!

Step 3: How Can I Redeem My Cards

Get Cash via Paypal or Gift Cards(Amazon Gift Card, facebook Gift Card, PlayStation Gift Card, Google Play Gift Card, Xbox Gift Card and Steam Gift Card) when you earn more than 10 dollars.

Step 4: When Will I Get My Payout

You Can Get Your Payout Within Excluding weekends

Step 5: Warning

The following actions are prohibited:
- Using VPN, proxy or any others which allow illegal(abnormal) access to WHAFF
- Using multiple IDs IN ONE Device
- Using multiple devices with one ID

Step 6:

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    2 years ago

    if you use my invitation code you will get more money from whaff.

    sponcer id: FU49048

    you will get .300$ its true also free


    4 years ago

    Thanks for sharing!