How to Get Free Open Source Hardware

About: I am a electrical student,like DIY and travel and reading.Recently I am interested in arduino proejct

This open source hardware project is designed by Andreas.This is a PCB that only contains the basic functions for MySensors but is somewhat dynamic. The main goal was to eliminate the build time soldering wires between the Arduino Pro Mini and the Radio. Its a PCB for all newbies that wants to do basic nodes like myself out there.

In order to help engineers for their projects,he authorize PCBWay can use his deisgn to do the activity,free to get it as a gift.

Step 1: Get It by Facebook

First you can like PCBWAY facebook,then you just need to share the post and then have the chance to get the boards

Step 2: Get It by Twitter

Second you can like PCBWay twitter and share the twitter,then you also maybe the lucky one to get the open source board.



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