How to Get Great Pics of Your Pup

Introduction: How to Get Great Pics of Your Pup

About: I hope to make many instructables in the dog is my child(so is instant ramen) and I love photography,mug cakes, and am a dog expert. Follow me for lots of instructables

These ar not proven to get a great picture

Step 1: My Dog Hates the Camera So She Is Not Happy in These Pictures

First make sure all the junk is out of the way unless your me you probably have a clean don't really worry about that.but make sure your dog is healthy and at least semi happy because if not you will have an ugly dog in pictures

Step 2: Also If You Want a Funny Picture Follow Your Dog Around to See What Funny Stuff They Do or

Make them do funny stuff

Step 3: Also Do Not

Corner your dog to make them feel pressured or stressed by cornering them to take a picture let them feel free and happy-ish if you do you will have a picture like this

Step 4: Finally

I have some of my best pictures of my dog sleeping so if you find the sleeping cutely don't feel weird about watching them,take a picture

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    4 Discussions

    Slippery arm
    Slippery arm

    3 years ago

    Any one who reads this I would like to do a similar ible with costumes but my dog would kill me if I put a costume on her.if your looking for a cute costume look up sushi roll dog costume it is also in my favorites

    Slippery arm
    Slippery arm

    4 years ago

    Actually she's really old but I call her my puppy