How to Get Lower Prices on Fake/bootleg Items in Chinatown

Introduction: How to Get Lower Prices on Fake/bootleg Items in Chinatown

8 steps to get lower prices on bootleg items in the Downtown LA Chinatown.

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Step 1:

Go to a somewhat sketchy shop in the Downtown LA Chinatown that you know sells fake/bootleg items (basically almost any shop)

Step 2:

Find an item or items you want to buy (but make sure it's fake or it won't work).

Step 3:

Tell the shop owner that "Really? Well _______ (the name of the nearest shop that sells all real items) sells ________ (the same desired item) for $__.__ (a price $10 or less lower than the bootleg item you want to buy).

Step 4:

He or she will probably be convinced and will probably lower the price by at least $11 or $12.

Step 5:

Say "Okay, that sounds like a fair price." and then purchase the discounted item(s).

Step 6:

Then, walk out of the shop knowing that you saw an Instructable that helped get a good deal.

Step 7: My Concluding Statement

Thank you for letting me teach you how to get a good deal or deals in Chinatown. :)

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