How to Get Rid of a Brim in a Beanie

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I went to this summer camp and the sell beanie with there logo on it. I liked it but it had a really ugly, early 2000s brim on it that was literally awful. So this is how to take out brims from beanies

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Step 1: Materials

Your going to need a couple things,

Brimmed beanie
Hobby knife
Fabric pen

Step 2: Remove the Brim


There should be stitches where the brim is, so the first step is to cut them and take them out. Once you cut one you can usually just pull the stitches out so this part is fairly simple.

With the beanie inside out make a small cut, about 3/4 to 1 inch a couple inches above were the beanie is. Then reach inside the hole and pull of the brim.

Step 3: Remove the Extra Fabric

This parts a little hard to explain but I'm gonna try my best, also the pictures should help.

So your gonna pull the beanie up into a tent, and then pin it at the bottom of the tent of fabric. Then cut off the tent so it looks as if there was no extra fabric, look at the image above if that was confusing.

Then sew it back together.

Step 4: Enjoy! :)

Now invert the beanie again and enjoy your upgraded beanie :)

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