How to Get Started at Playing Guitar

Introduction: How to Get Started at Playing Guitar

About: My name is Aditya i am a 13 and a half years old i dont like to get bored so i am an all around hobbyist i am good at Cooking , Knitting , Electronics , Playing musical instruments , I am a stage performer i...

Hi there my name is Aditya and i will teach you how to get started playing the guitar also this will be a series in this series i will make you a master at playing the guitar

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Step 1: Get the Stuff

To get started you will need

1. An Acoustic Guitar

2. Guitar pick

3. GuitarTuna App on your Smartphone

A) Know all the guitar parts which are explained on the image

B) Open the GuitarTuna app and tune your guitar follow the video below to know how to tune the guitar

Learn all the basic chords and how to play them Using the GuitarTuna app

In the next instructable i will show you how to do some basic 5 minute training to improve your Fingerboard Skills

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