How to Get Your Avatar to Move (W/ Arrow Keys)- Gamemaker




This guide will teach you how to make your main character move with the arrow keys in gamemaker studio.

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Step 1: Create Your Sprite

Right click on sprites then select create new sprite. Add an image of what you want your character to be by using the load sprite option.

Step 2: Create Your Object

Similar to sprites, right click on objects then select the sprite that you made in the previous step.

Step 3: Program What Happens When You Press Each Key

click "add event" then key press, then the key of your choice (arrows)

Step 4: Program What Happens When You Press Each Key (continued)

drag the green "move in fixed position" onto actions. Since we are doing left arrow first, we want it to move left. Choose your speed. I chose 10. So when we press left arrow, it will move left.

Step 5: Program What Happens When You Release Each Key

do the same thing (add event) but we're gonna do release left this time.

Step 6: Program What Happens When You Release Each Key (continued)

drag the green arrows onto the window again, and select the square in the middle of the pad. keep the speed zero since we want it to stop when we release the key.

Step 7: Finish...

Continue this for each of the four directions. Then place your sprite in a room (create room - right click) then you should be able to move your character with the arrow keys. Enjoy!

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