How to Get Your Computer to Look Like Windows Vista!




Right Now i Will show you how to get windows xp to look like Windows Vista. so i bet some of you are asking....what is windows vista...well have you ever heard of windows xp so it is supposily the best OS ever. Now I bet some of you are asking me what do you mean by supposily. Well i've asked alot of people and they said they liked it but i also asked a few people and said they didnt like it very much so if your wondering what it looks like before you install it just look at my pictures.

Step 1: What You Need (this Should Be Simple)

1. a computer or laptop

Step 2: Where to Go

So if you liked windows vista stay on this instructable.

So first go to worry it is safe and know some they have to have an account well you dont have to have one it is a free download.If you end up where you have to have a credit card handy then get out. and make sure you typed

Step 3: What to Do....

So after you got to you should see a penguin for the logo.
Ok Now on the top you should see: Home-forum-Brickopacks-gallery-tutorials-Tux Factory-Mascot Factory-iGloo ok you want to click BRICKOPACKS.Know after you click that there are some chioces, about 4. There is Crystal Clear-Vista Inspirat 2-Longhorn Inspirat-Crystal XP.Ok you probably want to choose Vista Inspirat 2 because it looks like vista more than all of them. so click on it. Know Next to The little globe with an arrow and says DOWNLOAD. So by all means Click on it.

Step 4: Now the Software Stuff...

Ok wait for a while about 2 or 3 seconds depends on how slow your computer is. Eventually there will be a little bar that pops up or down on it and then click DOWNLOAD FILE.

So you have this little box that says Run-Save-Cancel. And you want to click save and there will be another box that says My recent Documents-Documents-My computer-My Network-Desktop and on the bottom right you will see save click save.

Now Once that is saved Click Run and then it will say "Are You Sure You Want To Run This File" click Run...and if it says unkown publisher its all right its just means there is no publisher and it doesnt have a sponser and all if you dont feel comfortable then you can cancel anytime. But for those of you who want to go on go for it.

Step 5: The Installation...

Ok you have it saved and run know a screen will pop up that is black andf it says "Vista Inspirat 2." It will stay on for about a second(depending on how slow your computer is) and wait. Then it will say Welcome then click next. then it will say which type you want..Express-Classic-Total-Personilized Click "TOTAL" then click next. Then Cilck install and then wait and next it will say "REBOOT NOW " or "REBOOT MANUALLY LATER" and that depends on you..and where done!

If you have any Question just email me or comment me and i will answerr it.

I know i dont have a lot of pics but i dnt have a camera.



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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    sorry but you cannot, if you look on the "control panel" then "system" it will tell you that you have Windows XP or whatever OS(operating system) your usually running on


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Damn I love Chess Titans, Mahjong Titans and Purble Place and that other new one. Yeah I new that control panel thing already ive got Windows XP


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    i'm sorry i didn't know you already have done i would of chose something else about computers...i need to change my name


    10 years ago on Introduction

    ur instructable might be good and all but im sick of seeing MAKE UR COMPUTER LOOK AND FEEL LIKE VISTA!!!! i have vista ands its not rly anything to cheer about lol

    2 replies

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I agree. Vista blows, I have it but can't revert back due to driver issues. I imagine that if you complete this instructable, you'd slow down your XP computer the same way that the fancy graphics slow down Vista computers.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I did and it didn't slow it down.....but i have over 200 GB in my hard drive i put in 1GB of RAM, a disk Defragmentation, C: clean up so i think i'm good...