How to Get a Clean Gliphy Code, for Mewe Chats


Shortest Instructable ever!

Mewe, a Facebook alternative, has a lot of good stuff, but you might stumble into this problem:

The Gif you chose from Glipphy will show to everyone else on the Chat, BUT, it won't show on your OWN chat!

The solution?

Take that blurb, in blue, out of the Gif's code.

Step 1: Get the Link

Right click the image, and choose "copy video address", or something like that.

I know, it's supposed to be an Anim Gif, but Gliphy is funny, that way...

Go figure!

Step 2: Open a Browser Tab, Cut Some Stuff

Go to a new browser tab, and paste the code into it.

This should appear, as in so many other Links, everything including and beyond the "?" is useless, so cut it, and only use the code untill that "?".

Step 3: There!

Now, if you paste that cleaned code, (the part not in blue) into the Mewe chat, it will run on EVERY one's Chats!

Try this on problems with other pages and Social Media around.

That's it! :D



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