How to Get a Natural Look on the Go

Introduction: How to Get a Natural Look on the Go

About: We believe StyleUnited is the first ever truly personalized, head-to-toe, online beauty and fashion platform. We connect women to their full style potential using these innovative tools: *Style 360 -- A pe… A lot of women don't always have time to sit down and get ready, so here are some tips for achieving a nice natural look while on the go.


1. Clean Your Face: Use a wet cleansing cloth. I use the Olay Regenerist Micro-Exfoliating Wet Cleansing Cloths. Fold the wipe in half and clean both sides of the face to remove all old makeup and mascara.

2. Moisturizing Foundation: Always make sure you start with SPF, foundation and moisturizer, a good foundation like Olay Total Effects Moisturizer + Touch of Foundation will have all three.  Apply evenly throughout the face and be sure to blend down to the neckline so you don't have any lines.

3. Blush: Add some blush to give yourself some nice rosy color. In this video I use CoverGirl and Olay Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush in Plush Peach.

4. Lip Gloss: Apply your favorite lip gloss. Mine is the CoverGirl Wetslicks Fruit Spritzer in Raspberry Splash.

5. Mascara: Wiggle the mascara wand and then pull through your eyelashes to distribute mascara evenly. I'm a big fan of the CoverGirl LashBlash Length Mascara.

6. Hair: If you don't have time to curl or style your hair, use some finishing cream like Fekkai Coiff Magnifique Ultra-light Finishing Creme. Take a little bit in your palms and pull the product back through your hair to smooth your hair.

TIP: Keep these products in your bag for a quick natural look on-the-go.

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