How to Get on Camera in a Live Studio Audience From a Guy Who's Done It Four Times




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So you want to get shown on camera in a live studio audience do you? Well it’s actually not that difficult if you can muster up a little creativity. I’ve been shown on camera on CONAN on four different occasions. One time I was on camera for about 60 seconds and talked to Conan and his sidekick Andy during it (check out the video). Another time we were given the opportunity to take a photo on Conan’s desk after the show.

It's pretty freaking fun and you can do it too! Let's get to it!

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Step 1: Get Tickets

Most tickets are Free to get, you just have to apply for them. I’ve only gotten tickets for CONAN but I assume most talk shows are similar in nature. Do a Google search for whatever show you want to see like “Conan audience tickets” or “The View audience tickets”. You can also check out, they manage a lot of tickets for different shows. You request the amount of tickets you want (usually 1-4) and then you’re entered into a lottery to see if you get them. I’ve always gotten the tickets I’ve applied for but some shows may be harder to get.

Step 2: Prepare Your Shtick

You’re gonna need something that makes the host of the show want to comment on. Give them something that they can make a joke out of. Think back to previous times audience members have been shown on camera. What did they do? Tailor it to your specific host and what they like to do.

For example, I know that Conan likes to make fun of himself. So when I went with my girlfriend we made up 2 signs; one with the letter “O” and one with the letter “N”. Our joke was that we originally had 3 more friends who would help us spell C.O.N.A.N but they didn’t show up. Conan picked up on it and was able to make a joke out of it. You can also use any special talents you may have. I am a balloon twister so I made a balloon Conan a few times. One time I even made a life size balloon Conan.

I’ve also seen people just show up with a weird hat and a sign that asks Conan to wear it and it worked! Just be creative and try to think about how the host of the show could use what you’re doing to improve their show.

If you like this and want to learn more or see what other things I'm up to check out my website at

Step 3: Show Up Early

On the day of the taping show up early and try to get tickets in the front row. If you’re in the back the host may not even be able to see you.

Step 4: Get Crazy!

Producers and cameraman look for people who are having fun, applauding, and screaming (at appropriate times of course). Don’t just sit there like a bump on a log. Audience members are often shown when the show comes back from a commercial break. This is what happened to me my first time. When we were about to come back from a commercial break I noticed that three of the cameras were pointed directly at me. When the cameras started rolling I made sure to scream and jump around as much as I could and it worked great! That’s all it takes!

Good luck and I’d love to hear if this worked for you and you were able to get on camera. Let me know in the comment section below.


If you like this and want to learn more or see what other things I'm up to check out my website at



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