How to Gift Wrap (using 3 Pieces of Tape!)




Introduction: How to Gift Wrap (using 3 Pieces of Tape!)

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So you showed great consideration and impeccable taste in picking out an exceptional gift...but now, oh dear! You'll have to wrap it??! 

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to perfectly wrap that perfect little something!

Soon you'll enjoy giving gifts as much as receiving them!

Step 1: Supplies

You will need the following 

- Wrapping paper (we used recycled parchment the possibilities with this stuff!)
- scissors
- tape (3 pieces)
- gift box (with gift inside)
- flat surface

Step 2: Cutting Paper

Our box is a 6.5" square, with a depth of about 3.5".  So we cut a rectangular piece from our wrapping paper poll measuring 11.5" x 20". This size ensures the box will be completely covered with the paper on all sides. 

The margin of paper along the ends, if folded, should reach up more than halfway above the center of your sides

Have the top of your box sitting closer to one end of the rectangle you just cut, as shown above. 

Step 3: First Fold

Fold the front bottom portion of your wrapping paper up over half way of the depth of your box.

Helpful hint: To get nice crisp edges, we fold over and use our fancy opposable thumbs and forefinger to really define the fold

Step 4: Flip Box Over And....

After flipping over the box, you will hold up one end of the paper, which will inadvertently cover most of the box's surfaces. Make a hard crease at the fold for a nice edge. 

Next, you will notice that you have a couple inches of paper left over on the side. THIS IS INTENTIONAL! We want to fold it up and over to the (new) top of our box and create a crease. Using that crease, fold paper over completely. The folded edge should now match the edge of our box 

Place your first piece of tape along the edge, as near to the true center of your box as possible

Step 5: Working the Ends

Now that the box is mostly covered, we have to get our two ends done. Luckily, they are folded in the exact same way, so repeat this step twice. 

looking at the ends, and making sure you're working on a flat surface, you will take the two side ends and fold them in towards the center. This will create an angle on the bottom sides of your paper. Fold and crease that angle. Flip box over and do the same for the two other ends. Crease around the entire side

Step 6: Finishing Off the Ends

Lay your box so that an end is looking up at you. 

If you cut your paper with enough of a wrapping paper margin, when folded down, it should be more than half the length of your entire side (but even if your paper is only at the half way line, thats fine also. Any less, and the side will not be completely covered!)

You want to guess that half way mark, and fold the edge backward so that it aligns with that mid point. This will only be needed for one end. The other end can be tucked down under it. Place your second piece of tape over that crease

Now turn box to other side, and complete the other end. Place your third piece of tape!

Step 7: Et Voila!

You have yourself one nice wrapped gift. Too bad you have to give it away!

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