How to Give Dawah to Non-Muslims

Introduction: How to Give Dawah to Non-Muslims

This is a sensitive issue and must be dealt with great care if we are to be successful and not impart a bad image of Muslims in the society. Generally, people following one faith never wish to change it for the sake of what someone else is saying. They’re always repulsive about it. So it is advised to approach them with care and a receptive attitude. No one can force anyone to change their whole life. Neither readily accept that the entire religious practices they’ve been doing was wrong all the time. Great care should be taken on how to approach the matter. Most importantly, first of all, you should learn Quran yourself, is a good academy for this purpose. If you are sure that you know enough about Islam, then Here are a few guidelines about giving Dawah to non-Muslims;

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Step 1: Do Not Find Faults in Their Religion

Do not find faults or loopholes in their religion and don’t debate with them if it’s not necessary. It is not what Allah and the prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) has taught us. It is also not the right way to teach about our beautiful religion Islam.

Step 2: Find Some Common Ground

Try to find some common ground (common things between Islam and their religion). This will break the tension and they’ll realize you’re not much different from them.

Step 3: Be Careful on Choice of Words

Be careful on how you word things and think before you speak.

Step 4: Do Not Be a Hypocrite

Don’t be a hypocrite about what you preach. Like telling non-Muslims that drinking alcohol is wrong while drinking it yourself secretly (you will get caught someday and besides you can never hide from the eyes of Allah)

Step 5: Have a Good Physical Appearance

Have a good physical appearance. You wouldn’t want to impart the impression that we (Muslims) are lazy and don’t care much about a neat outfit and a good look. If you have a beard, trim it neatly. It reflects discipline (that you take time out of your daily routine for self-grooming) Remember that first impression if the last impression.

Step 6: Do Not Insult

Don’t insult them OR their religion. Islam doesn’t teach us to hurt the feelings of others and your first priority must be to educate them about Islam, not convert them straight away (Although it is an achievement if it happens fast).

Step 7: Do Not Go Deep Into Subject You Do Not Know About

Don’t go deep into a subject that you don’t know much about. If you do, they might ask you questions about it that you wouldn’t know questions about. If you don’t know much about the Quran, you may have the English translation of The Holy Quran App in your mobile which will help you learn more about our own religion. However, if you don’t know how to read Quran, then Noorani Qaida Arabic Alphabet App is highly recommended. You must, however, know about the Basic Pillars of Islam and anything they ask you related to them you must be able to answer them swiftly.

Step 8: Use Common Sense

Use the support of common sense when explaining Islam because much of Islam is based on common sense and people can relate to common sense and thus understand better.

Step 9: Be Smart About It

Be smart about it, i.e. try to find out if the person you’re talking to has some problems in life. If they do, then tell about the solutions in Islam about them. That way, they’ll start getting more interested.

Step 10: Avoid Controversial Issues

Avoid controversial issues, like Jesus is not the son of God. You wouldn’t want to start any fights in the first meeting.

Step 11: Bring Proofs About Our Religion

Don’t be afraid or hesitant to bring out proofs about our Islam. Our sources are authentic and still available in the original Arabic language. This is unique to our religion and we can use it to our advantage.

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    8 Discussions


    Question 9 months ago

    My mother is a Christian and my dad is not a practicing Muslim only by name Abdulfatai and I'm doing Dawah to my mum but she sometimes don't even pay attention and I don't know much about the AL qur'an but I do read it. My point is I really want my mum to become a Muslim because she's done a lot in my life and I don't want her to go to jahanam but jannah so I really want to know how to do Dawah to her and other Christians in my family so where do I start?


    Answer 3 months ago

    Pray to Allah. And do some good acts. Like charity nafilah things you will use to please Allah then make dua .may Allah grant it to both of us


    Question 6 months ago on Step 7

    Where will i get basic details of islam


    1 year ago

    but he is so fanatic with christianity


    3 years ago

    What to do even if they don't believe when you give them evidence he keeps saying I am not interested in god and speaks garbage he tells he likes to go in his own way.....If you can help me give me a message in my profile