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Hello guys,

This is a tutorial video about how you can glow an LED using potatoes. We know potatoes have minerals. Minerals means chemicals too. So when two electrodes get connected with the potatoes then it starts electrolysis. May be we all know what electrolysis is. Anyway, so thru this electrolysis this electricity comes. Most of the people thinks it's one kind of FREE ENERGY. But no, it's not. Cause nothing in this world exist called free energy. So what actually happening here ? Well, transformation of energy from one form to another. We're transforming chemical energy into electrical energy. And we all also know about Anode & cathode. This project is very common & most popular of all kid's science school fair project. May be because of it's eco-friendly feature. Jokes apart. The main reason behind making this video is we watched a lot of tutorial videos & athey are simply glowing or turning on an led using only couple of potatoes. So we though why we not giving it a shot & this came out. To know more about Potato Battery Experiments visit these websites: 1. 2. 3. Anyway, hope you liked the video please hit the LIKE button then , SHARE with your friends & family as much as you can :D , hit the SUBSCRIBE button & please also hit the notification bell to get updated with the channel to get more engineering interesting video. Social : Adios all.


Step 1: Watch the Video to Complete Your Project

This is a tutorial video will show you how you can complete the total project



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