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Introduction: How to Grow Apple Trees

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remember when you were young and all you wanted was to grow your own apple tree from the seed you got from your apple you ate? well here is your chance to live your childhood dream of growing a apple tree.

in this instructable i will show you how to properly grow an apple tree and have great results so get ready, get set ,grow.

Step 1: About Growing Apple Seeds

  • apple seeds do not actually produce a apple like the apple you ate the fruit from the seed that you will grow the fruit it will produce will taste different but that is not a bad thing plus its always fun to grow apple trees
  • most people dont actually know how to grow apple seeds unlike most seeds apple seeds wont grow if you just put a seed in the dirt apple seeds need to go through a period of cold to mimic winter in order to sprout and grow.

Step 2: What You Will Need

Step 3: Step One

Step 4: Step 2

Step 5: Step 3

Step 6: Step 4 Into the Fridge

Step 7: One Month Later

Step 8: Enjoy Your Apple Tree

  • enjoy your new tree
  • if you like my instructable let me know in the comments i like getting comments
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Cool, I tried it out and it works great. Nine out of ten seeds grew into trees

I grew a pear tree

I have some pear tree on there way now


2 years ago

how often should u water it after the 8th step? does it have to be potted ?

Hi, I live in Mass close to the home of Johnny Appleseed! Thanks for this "cool" info!

thanks I now have 7 little apple trees in my yard

Thanks man! It works great - got 3 apple trees going in my apartment now ;)

This is very encouraging. I do have a couple of questions, will this same process work using cherry pits? And do you know how long it takes for the trees to actually produce fruit?

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it should work for cherries since cherries need to be cold stratified but they may take longer to sprout since they have a thicker outer shell then apple seeds do but it would work also most trees from what what i have seen if they are getting properly fertilized and get enough sun should get to the fruiting size around 3-5 years old

Good job.

The term you are looking for is cold stratification. Most trees from temperate climates require a cold period for their seeds to germinate. This prevents them from growing in the middle of the winter when they would be killed by the freezing temperatures.

This works because the seeds contain enzymes that inhibit germination. They act like little cold activated clocks. After a given amount of time at the required temperature the enzyme breaks down and allows the seed to germinate. Of course this is a much simplified version of what is going on but you get the idea.

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I meant to say cold stratifying but i could not remember the word when i wrote this and must have forgot to fix it plus i am trying to keep it simple so everyone will understand. just trying to not scare people away with too much fancy plant talk :)

So is there any way to make sure the tree you grow has a flavor that you like? I prefer tart, sweet apples so I would not like delicious apples, but would prefer a baking apple type. Or is it just a crap shoot? Like if I planted seeds from a sour apple would the offspring produce a sour apple, or isn't there a way to tell?

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for the most part its a bit of a crap shoot if you want a specific flavour you would propably have to graft the tree with a branch from a tree you like the taste from but usually most apples are tart and a little sweet but if you wanted something like the sweet gala you got from the store the chances of it producing that is like 1000 to 1 or so

It is a cool thing about apple trees that every seedling is completely different from its parent. So every new generation is a whole different kind of apple tree.

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Hi! This really is one of those perplexing, non-intuitive things one comes across now and then (I remember my disappointment as a child when I was told that many seeds from the fruits we ate wouldn't give me the same scrumptious fruit if I planted them). The reason for this has something to do with hybridization and grafting.

it is just how apple and other similar fruits work a apple tree or cherry for example if you plant the seeds you will have a completely new variety of tree coming from the seeds what the orchards do is take a branch from another variate that has the flavor they want then graft it onto the new tree then let the graft grow as the tree and the other one is used as the root stock

Indeed, as each flower is pollinated with pollen from who knows which other trees, the seeds will all be little basterds. Grafting doesn't affect the seeds but will affect how tall and sturdy your tree is. So, you may have to graft your new tree-shoots onto established trees.

that is my favourite trait about apples and cherries i always have my own variety of apple that no one else has

I liked the pictures, but no audio or written instructions with the pictures, so most of it is a guessing game. Not informative enough for me. Is the cooling time in the refrig? What is the first with the seeds just sitting on something? I was thinking that was like in the garage to dry out and stay quite cool for here in PA. I don't know because there was no explanation. You need to do more, please.