How to Grow Dinosaurs at Home???

Introduction: How to Grow Dinosaurs at Home???

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Step 1: To Grow a Dinosaurs at Home You Need!

In this instructables I show you how to grow dinosaurs at home | Amazing Diy Experiments.

Step 2: These Dinosaurs Polymers Grow in Water to a Huge Size Compared to Where They Start Off From.

Keep these frowing Growing creatures in water for a few days and watch the polymers abosorb the water and grow.

Step 3: First Day!

The polymer is similar to the non-toxic chemical used in baby diapers. Don't overlook the educational value of these inexpensive toys.

Step 4: Second Day!

This science experiment Growing you can do at home with kids, friends, brothers, sisters... Today's instructables is so much fun because we will do easy Growing Creatures!

Step 5: The Third Day!

Step 6: I Like to Make Various Experiments.

I hope you all love the video! Thank you so much for watching!

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