How to Grow Fresh Garlic





Introduction: How to Grow Fresh Garlic

Have you ever wished to grow garlic yourself? well read this and you will know.

Step 1: Get a Garlic Seed.

break up the garlic and get one seed out just like in the picture above.

Step 2: Place You Seed in a Moist Place

place your seed in a moist place, i prefer to use whet cloth and put the seed inside.

Step 3: Wait Till a Sprout Cuts Out From the Seed

when you see something that starts to get out from the seed you need to cerfuly plant the garlic into a wet soil.

Step 4: Final Step

when your garlic has fully grown you can pick it out and eat, but leave one seed for the new garlic. you can indentify a fully grown garlic if it looks like the ones that are on the picture.



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    you can plant it in the fall too. it'll get a head start on it's root system, and sprout very early in the spring. it's tough stuff. cold doesnt bother it at all.

    We discovered the hard way that garlic is invasive and hard to kill. Once it starts to spread, you are in deep stinky yard junk.

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    cut the scapes (flower stalks) off when they start to form. you'll get no seeds or bulblets, and it won't spread.
    or are you thinking of garlic mustard?

    set your compost bin on top of the spot for a year. LOTS of hot green grass.