How to Grow New Succulent Plants From Fallen Leaves of Succulents and Cuttings




Introduction: How to Grow New Succulent Plants From Fallen Leaves of Succulents and Cuttings

Growing succulents can be a great fun hobby. But did you know that you can grow new succulent plants from fallen leaves and also from cuttings? Yes you can!! Its not hard. It just takes a few steps a few weeks and then you have lots of cute little baby succulents!!

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You don't need to many things to grow new beautiful succulents. All you need is

1. Cuttings or leaves from succulents

2. Potting soil or you can use what I use. Which is a mixture of potting soil and sand. More potting soil than sand.

3. A container to place your leaves in to grow or to stick your cuttings into

4. A spray bottle of water

5. Sunlight or artificial sunlight (what I'm using at the moment)

And that's it!!

Step 2: Step 2. Find a Good Place to Work With All Your Materials

When leaves fall from succulents they need to sit a few days in a dry place so that the end that broke off the mother plant drys out. If its moist it will only rot once you place it onto the soil. Do the same with your Succulent cuttings.

After your cuttings/leaf ends have dried a little fill your empty container with potting soil or your potting soil sand mixture. Next lay the leaves on top of the potting soil. For cuttings stick them into the soil just a little bit. Not too deep but deep enough. Next take your spray bottle making sure its on a light mist and lightly mist your cuttings/leaves. Then put the container in a sunny but not direct sunlight spot. Notice within a few days to a week you should see little roots sprouting. Then after a week or two you will see a tiny plant emerging from the leaf. Not long after you will have a tiny adorable succulent plant.

Make sure to water your succulents ONLY when the soil is dry but never soak the soil. Too much water will cause the leaves to rot. Be prepared to have a. 75/25 success to failure rate. Some leaves and cuttings just won't sprout or grow. But the ones that do will make you happy enough!!

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    2 years ago

    That's neat, I didn't know they could grow back just from a leaf :)