How to Grow Papayas

Introduction: How to Grow Papayas

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This instructable will teach you haw to grow papyas from seed to seedling. Photo not mine. Credit to:

Step 1: Get Materials

Materials You Will Need:


Six Inch Pot

Potting Soil




Step 2: Place Rocks/Gravel at the Bottom of the Pot

Place your rocks at the borrom of the pot. This will keep all the water from leaving the pot before the plants can soak it it up.

Step 3: Put Dirt in Pot

Now it is time to fill the pot up with dirt. Don't fill it completely up because we still have to put the seedling in.

Step 4: Plant Seedlings

Now we plant the seedings. If you have seedlings that come in dirt like I do, keep them in that dirt. Just dig a smal hole big enough to place them in then cover them in dirt (make sure leaves and stme are still above the ground though)

Step 5: Pre-water

Don't forget to put this dish under the pot so excess water doesn't drain out all over your furniture!

Step 6: Water Plants

This is a super important step. Papayas need above average watering. Make sure to water everyday and give them a lot of the water. It is nearly impossible to drown a papaya.

Step 7: Sunlight

Papayas need a lot of sunlight. Put them in the sunniest place in or outside your house. The picture does not look that sunny, but that is because it was cloudy when the photos were taken.

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