How to Guess What Your Christmas Present Is...


Introduction: How to Guess What Your Christmas Present Is...

This instructable will tell you helpful ways to guess what your Christmas present is...In fact it doesn't even need to be a Christmas present. It could be a birthday present!
This instructable doesn't cost any money and only needs a person (you) and a wrapped present...

Step 1: What You'll Need


1. You...eyes, ears, maybe a nose (I don't think you'll need it that much...unless someone gave you some food), and hands.
(if you have a disability, I apologize)

2. A wrapped present...

Step 2: The Shake Method...

The shake method is very simple:
Pick up the box or whatever it is and shake carefully. The reason: The object might be fragile or, very rarely, might be a living thing (I think whoever gave you the present would tell you that is was something living and wouldn't wrap it up, but who knows what people do these days...)

While shaking the box press your ear to the object and listen for things sliding around in the box...If, when you listen you hear nothing...then this method will not help you...


Step 3: The Size Evaluation

Looking at the size matters!!!

Well this is pretty obvious: If it is a large present, then it's probably not going to be jewelry...It might be a computer (the monitor will probably be in a seperate box), or something like that...

If it's a small present or medium sized present: It could be something electronic, PSP, Wii, or some LEGO-type thing.

If it's really small and a box shape: Something more expensive, like a necklace, a ring, ear rings, or a watch.

If the present is oddly shaped: It could be clothing, something that has been opened and wasn't put back in it's box, or just something REALLy oddly shaped like a toy ponie rocker.


Step 4: Sometimes...

Sometimes your parents will be really naughty and trick you by wrapping the present in multiple boxes, wrap a really small present in a really big present, or might send you on a treasure hunt through your house or neighborhood looking for the present.

One year my parents took a ball of red and green colored yarn and ran it around the house and tangled it up and ran it through small cracks in the wall. I had to follow the yarn through the house and at the end of the yarn was my present!

Step 5: The Questioning Method

When your parents aren't expecting it, ask your parents a question that might give you a hint of what your present might be, even before you've seen the wrapped present.

Here are some questions that might tell you something about your present:

1. Did you buy my present already? (your parents might tell you that they bought it last week) then you could think, where were they last week?

2. What's in that box? Only ask that when your parents are holding some sort of box that might have come in the mail or if they just got back from shopping. They might respond, It's something shiny for someone special, then you might think, OMG it's probably for me!



Step 6: How to Know If Your Present Was Re-gifted

Once you have opened your present, do this step.

Did you know?: 34% of all gifts are re-gifted. Or more simple: 1 out of every 3 presents is re-gifted

Here are some ways to tell if your present is re-gifted:

1. It's a Ipod mini.

2. It's only half wrapped (unless the present is some pointy object that is hard to wrap).

3. The gifter has never heard of a Christmas Carol (and is older than 7).

4. The box of chocolates is a Halloween or Thanksgiving theme.

5. When you register your electronic item online, it says it's already been registered. (Unless whoever gave you the present bought it on Ebay, then it's alright).




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    119 Discussions

    it actually worked because wen i did what she or he said i thought it was a hatchimal and wen it was chrismas day i opened it and it was a hatchimal

    Did not happen

    What that can i see it

    So guys guess what! My mom for some reason won't let me and my siblings go into the shed. Well... My brother and sister has already seen the surprise by accident.. so i'm the only one who doesn't know what it is. But i REALLY want to know whats in there!!!

    1 reply

    Maybe a bike or quad bike... Something alone those lines? It could have something to do with a sport you play? Maybe a pair of skis or a snowboard,surfboard,knee board,body board and water biscuit???? Hope this helps.

    My mom brought out a present (I hope i spelled that right) and it is REALLY tall. Not very wide though. My mom said i'm not putting a name on it. So when my mom was gone i knocked on the box and there was no plastic it was in a box. SOMEONE HELP ME I WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT IS AND WHO'S IT FOR!!!

    LOLZ. My Grandma was like "Uh... You know that game you wanted?"

    Me: "Yeah?"

    Her: "Well what is it for? I see XBox and 3DS and a bunch of other stuff..."

    Me: "3DS."

    Her: "Oh good... Okay well I had it shipped already and I was hoping I ordered the right one."

    Me: "O.o *Cracking up on the inside*"

    Moral: Listen closely to what people say.

    3 replies

    Here is my story. I was at home with my sister and my mother called and asked can you help me get (My name)'s phone case. For me that is awesome cause i don't have a phone. But what I heard was pun cake. So I have a present here it says my name from my mom and sister. How do I know what it is.

    mmy mom told me just a few minutes ago that i was getting something fun and challenging i love rubiks cubes so maybe it could be something similar

    I had one like that once. It was a book. And another time it was concert tickets in a huge envelope.

    Mine has a texture of soft at the bottom almost as a pillow or a blanket yet hard on the surface my mother is very proud of this presant but i have no clue on what it could be when i ask her what it is she says "what would you like it to be?" i imply i would like a computer but ..... it cant be a computer can it she knows i would not like a laptop knowing i already have one could someone help me my curiousity is killing me

    I have this box. It's about, 12" long, 2" tall and 6" wide. My brother says it uses electricity and you plug it into a socket to use it. My mom is also very proud of what she got me but I have no clue what it could be? I ahven't had a change to feel/shake it yet and it probably costs between $20 and $100.

    Also FudgeFuzz16o7 your user pic is adorable!