How to Hack MacBook Password




Forgot your macbook password? Want to prank your friends? Read this instructable!!!

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Step 1: Have a Macbook!!!

Buy a macbook from apple shop or get other people's one!

Step 2: Shut the Macbook Down

Shut your macbook down (not restart)

Step 3: Turn Back It On

Hold the power button and hold Command-r together, after the apple sign and the progress bar pop up, you can release

Step 4: Recovery Mode

Your mac will be going into the recovery mode after a long wait, go to Utilities on the toolbar, select terminal

Step 5: Reset Password

Press on the disc and choose the user you want to reset the password, type in the password you want and retype it, then press save

Step 6: Finishing

Restart your macbook and type in the password you typed in! Comment below if you success or not!

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