How to Hack Your Computer and Piano at the SAM Time!



About: SAM Labs teaches coding, engineering, and DIY through award-winning technology kits and educational app. Learn complex skills of the future through easy-to-use tech. Tested by nimble hands and curious minds.

Make your computer into a magical place, by downloading the awesome app, SAM Space!

Step 1: Prepare Your Supplies

1. Grab your papers, coloured, black and whites

2. Snag some tape and markers and a sharpie to write

3. You'll need a SAM Tilt sensor to make it just right.

Step 2: Make Your Magical Baton

1. To get your professional conductor skills on, you'll need a super official baton.

2. Bind a few small wooden sticks to a bigger wooden stick wand.

3. Grab your SAM tilt and get your rubber band on.

4. Once it's fixed to your stick, make sure it's properly stuck on.

Step 3: Make Your Orchestra

1. You'll need to draw your orchestra up by drawing cute characters.

2. Make them instruments as well by drawing within the parameters.

Step 4: Program Your SAMs

1. Now you need to program your SAM sensors

2. Start by dragging your SAM Tilt block onto the canvas

3. Put a "To Key" on and connect the dots to success

4. Change the "To Key" to Space and you'll get the farthest

Step 5: Connect to Touch Pianist

1. Open on the internet.

2. Make sure you're connected in SAM with your baton handset.

3. Now try it out to make awesome music wireless!



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