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Have you ever had that old copy of Super Mario Bros. in your closet that you want to play but your NES was broken? You may have other options! In this instructable I will show you how to hack your Wii to run the Homebrew channel. With this hack you can browse through and play for free your rightfully owned retro video games on your Wii without even getting off of the couch. Also you can listen to mp3, play video, and have full command over your Wii that you could not before! Enjoy!

Step 1: What You Will Need

You can't have have biscuits without flour, so your going to need some stuff. Obviously you will need 1. A Wii. 2. A computer with Wi-Fi and SD card capability. 3 A SD card. I recommend at least 2 GB.

Step 2: Download Letter Bomb

Once you have what you need, the first thing you will need to do is to go into the Wii settings under console information and write down your Wiis Mac address and system menu version. Next, go to your computer and insert the SD card. Now go to A search engine and type in above is A screenshot of the website. this is where you enter your Wiis Mac address snd system menu version. Go ahead and type in the scrambled text so the website will know you are not A computer. Now download the file and transfer it to the SD card. Now, with the Wii off, insert the SD card into the SD card slot on the front of the Wii.

Step 3: Install the Homebrew Channel

Now with the SD card in the Wii, turn the Wii on. Once on the Wii home, go to the message board. Once there, look for A red letter with A bomb on it. Click on it. The letter may show up as from yesterday. Once you click on it, A black screen will appear with scrambled letters on it. this is normal. After this, you will see A screen about scammers. This may take A minute. Again, this is normal. Once on the install page, click continue. Next, click yes, install the Homebrew channel. After that, click yes. Another black screen will appear with: installing Homebrew channel. Next click install bootmii as an ios. After that, click yes A few times until you reach A screen that says return to main menu, then click Exit.

Step 4: But Wait, There's More!

After all of this you should be on the wii menu and see the homebrew channel. Feel free to learn the buttons to control the homebrew channel. Now you need the homebrew browser. This is where You can download emulators, games, media players, ect.

To get the homebrew browser, you need your computer again. Now insert the SD card into the computer. You can delete the homebrew channel files since they are on the actual Wii memory. Now once on the computer, go to the internet browser and type in homebrew browser. The first result should be from A website called Wiibrew. Click the link. In the bottom right corner should be A tiny button that says download. Click on it. Your file should start downloading. once downloaded, once done, extract the homebrew browser files to the SD card. Next put the SD card into the Wii and turn the Wii on. Go to the homebrew channel and the homebrew browser should automatically appear. When you first open the homebrew browser there will be another black start up screen.

Step 5: Adding Roms and Emulators

On to playing that Dusty copy of Super Mario Bros. To get emulators, just go to the homebrew browser under emulators and find the system you want to emulate and click on it. Now you can download the emulator. To get the Roms, take the SD card and put it in the computer again and type in the name of the game you want the Rom of. For instance, you could get A NES emulator and in your computers Internet search bar, type in "super mario bros rom" hit go and A barrage of room websites will appear. I personally prefer once you have downloaded the Rom, go to the SD card menu and click on the emulator file. once in the emulators file, click on Roms and extract your Rom(s) to that file. all that's left to do is to put the SD card back in the Wii, go to homebrew channel and click on your emulator to choose the game and start playing.

Step 6: Your Done!

Thank you for reading and I hope this was helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments you'd like to leave, please feel free to do so. : )



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    1 year ago

    Please for the love of technologically challenged people everywhere, help me?!?! I've followed directions and see absolutely no new messages on message board. Checked current and previous days.

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    Well, if you perfectly copied your mac address and selected the system menu version on the website, then deposited the file onto the root of the SD card, it should work.
    Sometimes though, there are stubborn systems that don't want to cooperate and give you a headache.

    If you veried that everything was done correctly and it still doesn't work, ask Youtube. There are lots of people out there that make money for this, so there might be help for you yet!

    P.S. the 4.3 System Menu version seems to not work a lot of the time.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you. It was A project that took A lot of patience, but the end result was worth it!


    Reply 2 years ago

    your welcome fine sir. May you plz also put up on how to play games that have been on a save file using homebrew also?


    Reply 2 years ago

    I'll check into that. Thanks for reading!