How to Hack the Eco-Button to Do Other Things...




Introduction: How to Hack the Eco-Button to Do Other Things...

This little guide will quickly show you how to make the Eco button do your own bidding!

I got mine with a new AMD Processor

(This Guide is for Windows XP only! )

Step 1: Uninstalling the "Eco-Button" Software

If you did not install it, you can just go to the next step!

Step 2: Getting to Your User Directory...

The Eco-button is kinda funny. The Eco-button acts as a keyboard. When you press it. it hits "windows key + R", waits a second, then types in "ecobutton" then it presses enter. This is really simple, and thus, easy to hack. All you need for this is notepad.

To get started, open up the C: Drive in My Computer

Then open "Documents and Settings"

Now you must find your user folder. It usually is the same name you use to log in with. If you have changed the Log in name in the past, (For example from "User 1" to "Joe Man") you will need to choose the old name (Thus "user 1")

You are now in your user directory!

Step 3: Create the *.bat File!

Now, scroll down and right click a white area to bring up the menu. Select new, then Text document

Open it up and put in the following:

@echo This is a cool test

Now, hit Save As... from the file menu and save it with the name "ecobutton.bat" See picture!

Minimize notepad, Do not close it!

Step 4: Testing It Out!

Now press the ecobutton. If it worked, you should be greeted with the below screen:
If it didn't work and you got an error about file not found, it is caused by being in the wrong directory, go back to step 2 and try a different user name.

Step 5: The Final Stage!

This is where you make it do your work! open up the "ecobutton.bat" again. I will show you how to make it launch any program you wish.

First find the program you want it to run in the start menu and right click it, then choose "Properties"
(I choose Google Earth)

Now select everything in target. then "Ctrl-C". This will select all. then copy it to the clip board.

Then open up "ecobutton.bat" , and delete everything inside. Hit "Ctrl-v" so that only the program you want is inside (See Picture)

The two " signs are required, don't delete them!

Step 6: Final Test!

Give the Eco-button a press and your favorite app should be running in no time!

Happy Hacking!



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    32 Discussions

    This works good since I lost the original Software

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    if the interest of clear instructions, don't forget to change the "Save as type" in notepad to All Files, or you'll end up with a .BAT.TXT

    also I had no idea you could put things in the user folder, though it makes sense; i would always just throw it in the Windows folder.

    Thank you!!! I have pondered a way to do this, because the program that comes with it (In my opinion) is so stupid. Why not just put it in hibernate?

    2 replies

    What I loved to do with my PackardBell keyboard was to lock and hibernate. You cannot do that with a standard keyboard. Hopefully with the ecobutton I can hit win+L and then hit the ecobutton.

    If you're lucky with your choice of computer components you might be able to save a lot of power without the eco-button. Normal standby (s1) turns off parts of the computer, but there is a standby mode called 'suspend to RAM' or s3. This turns off many more components, keeping awake little more then the RAM. This can drop the power consumption to just a few watts rather than over 100W for an s1. On my computer it takes about 3 seconds to get into a s3 deep sleep and about 10 seconds to wake again - these being triggered by the sleep & wake keys on the keyboard. Being so quick it's worth doing every time you're away from the computer for more than 10-15 minutes. If you'd excuse the pun - a power nap. So why is s1 not s3 not the default sleep mode on most computers? The deep sleep mode was not all that well supported by components like motherboards, graphics cards, USB hubs etc. Older graphics cards would often not wake with the rest of the computer or, once in deep sleep, the USB hub would not recognise a USB keyboard for the wake signal, etc. Now, more components do support s3 so if you're lucky it might work for you. To try it you'll need to get into your computer's BIOS and in the Advanced Power Management screen, change the s1 sleep state to s3. There might be some other s3 setting there which depend on what's included on your motherboard. (As always with modifying the BIOS settings, make a note of the things you change so that if it does not work you can change it back)

    1 reply

    S3, as you said, is great and I would like to use it, but one reason I never used my eco-button for it's intended purpose was because it PREVENTED my computer from going into stand by, hibernation, heck, I couldn't even turn my computer off! So I made the hack, and set it up for firefox, but after having to unplug it EVERYTIME I wanted to leave my computer so it could shutdown, I got fed up with it and now it's collecting dust. But it's not the eco-buttion that is the problem for me, it's my Mainbord, just got a new USB gaming mouse and BAM same problem! I am waiting for a new mainbord today, so when it gets here, I will be able to go into hibernation without having to hit the switch on the back when it reboots!

    Wow. I had never heard about the "eco-button" until this. Just to satisfy my morbid curiosity, I researched it and found that it is nothing more than a thinly-veiled attempt to drum up money. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about conservation, but there's an eco-button on every standard PC keyboard manufactured since 1998 - only it's labeled "sleep". It turns out that, thanks to the advances in energy efficiency championed by both AMD and Intel, quite a few motherboards support undervolting and underclocking. The power management features are a great start, but since this site is all about squeezing out the last bit of performance/efficiency/savings/&c., I think someone (perhaps me) should post an Instructable on the issue. Using CrystalCPUID (a freeware utility for Windows) I have substantially lowered my CPU temperature and power consumption without sacrificing any performance over AMD Cool 'n Quiet's default settings. Actually, the throttling is snappier. Even at full clock, it's still undervolted and gives me a difference of 12 C from stock temperatures. I like to think I'm ACTUALLY doing my part to offset the carbon footprint left by Mr. Al Gore's refrigerator light when he holds the door open in a hazy 4:20 AM munchie binge.

    1 reply

    You are absolutely correct. The Eco button is like adding a lighted fan to your case. It looks cool and you think you are making the world a better place (Or at least your desk) but the old fan works fine. I have a sleep button on my keyboard, and I have it programed to put my computer into hibernation when I leave for an hour or two. As for CrystalCPUID, looks like a great program, but my Processor (820D) lacks any kind of power management and my motherboard has no overclocking (or underclocking) means. (Stupid OEM)

    er... can someone explain what an eco button does normally? im guessing it simply underclocks the processor from a daemon running, and it might supress some disk writes to save energy that way to. am i spot on or am i not? thanks

    4 replies

    No... It's lamer than that. It puts the computer into Standby. That's it. It also tells you the energy you save... but really, who cares? I don't! The Eco button in my opinion is just a clever gmick to make a quick buck

    omg. that is the biggest waste of something vaguely cool since windoze was put on a half decent pc (apologies for the bias here). the button could at least turn off some cores in a multi core pc, or underclock something or minimise disk writes. i mean, how hard can it be?... james

    Harder than you might think. Adjusting the motherboard FSB (Clock Speed)/ Multiplier and lowering Vcore voltages to save energy is possible, but every motherboard is different, and it is not even possible on most. The only reason I have it is because it came FREE with my AMD CPU. I would NEVER pay the $15-20 retail for it. Besides, my keyboard already has a stand-by button. Why do I need two? (PS My Ecobutton is collecting dust in my closet right now, waiting for me to take the LED's off for another project and chuck it ;) )

    that is true, but i reckon someone should come up with an energy saving standard - some interface that allows control of hardware through software/the button of doom or something like that. you could make millions selling the thing to people - C James Waples, 2009 lol. i am astounded that they can give you a button that is supposed to be eco friendly that just wastes a USB port and sleeps your pc. hibernate at least... james