How to Handle a Common Legal Issue Without an Attorney



Introduction: How to Handle a Common Legal Issue Without an Attorney

Need to create a Last Will and Testament? File for Incorporation? Handle Bankruptcy or Divorce? You don't have to spend a lot of money to handle common legal issues yourself. Save thousands of dollars in attorney fees by creating the legal forms you need with do-it-yourself software from Standard Legal!

Step 1: Evaluate Your Legal Needs

First, determine exactly what type of legal issue you must resolve. Sure, that may sound like common sense, but the law can be complex -- it's easy to confuse terms or topics.

To handle a matter "pro se" (self-help), you must make legal decisions on your own -- no one can provide legal advice to you, as there is no attorney-client relationship. But the legal forms software from Standard Legal can and does provide instructions and overviews to help you through the forms creation process.

One way to learn more about specific legal topics is to review Standard Legal's Law Library.

One caveat: if you are not sure you can make clear, wise legal decisions, Standard Legal strongly suggests you find a qualified local attorney to help you.

Step 2: Select the Proper Legal Forms Software Product

Read the product descriptions for each of the legal forms software titles carefully. You must choose the correct title or your issue may not be fully resolved.

Standard Legal offers the following legal forms software titles:

DIVORCE (without Children)
WILL (Last Will & Testament)

If none of these product descriptions matches exactly the issue you wish to resolve, then check out American Legal Review to see other pro se legal solution options.

Step 3: Complete the Forms and File With the Court

Once you select and purchase the proper legal forms software title, simply complete the forms exactly as the overviews and instructions indicate.

There are help sections from Standard Legal, including a Frequently Asked Questions section and an Ask Standard Legal section.

Step 4: If You Don't Feel Comfortable Creating Your Own Legal Forms...

Standard Legal can help you create the forms you need through its Legal Document Preparation Service. (Some titles are not covered because it is impossible to "help" a person create forms without asking questions that cross over into providing legal advice.) Details on Legal Document Preparation Services can be found here.

Standard Legal also provides access to finding a qualified local attorney for FREE. Because sometimes, it's simply wise to allow a law firm or lawyer handle complex legal issues.



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