How to Have a Successful Day After Classes

Introduction: How to Have a Successful Day After Classes

It is important that you have a balanced schedule during your stay at Morehouse College. Too often are students lost in the distracting social atmosphere of the AUC community. This brief Instructable is designed to give you a balanced college life, while keeping academic prosperity at a high priority. 

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Step 1: Relax and Eat

It is important  to give your brain some down time after a day of tiring classes. No matter what academic challenges you faced, allocate this time to completely clear your mind. I would advise you to drop your books off at your dorm and go to the cafe to get a refreshing meal for energy. 

Step 2: Physical Activity

Do you want freshman 15? Of, course not. Cardiovascular and muscular exercises are a priority not only for looks, but to increase mental performance as well. Head over to Archer Hall for a game of basketball, or to start a weightlifting regiment. 

Step 3: Participate in Extra Curricular Activities/Clubs

Morehouse creates Renaissance Men, or men who excel in all aspects of life. It is a priority that you get involved in various organizations so that you make the vital connections necessary for personal achievement. Join the Morehouse Business Association, regardless of your major, so that you may learn professional etiquette. Or join CHILL so that you can become a peer counselor and make a difference in the life of one of your brothers. These are just two of many activities that look great on transcripts and help develop your leadership skills. 

Step 4: Do Homework

This is often the most overlooked step for college success. Take out your textbook, pen, paper and laptop, and get to work. The best way to obtain new knowledge is by practice, and this is especially true for math and science classes. In addition, homework assignments are easy grades compared to the other categories. Do not skip this step by doing homework right before it is due! This doesn't give your brain a fair chance of processing the information.

Step 5: Clean Up Dorm Room

Make sure your room is in immaculate condition. This means your bed should be made, books neatly stacked, clothes folded and trash dumped. When you live in an organized space, you can be a lot more productive. You definitely don't want to invite people in a messy room either, because they will assume that disorder is an aspect of your character. 

Step 6: Study

There is a huge difference between doing homework and studying. Homework is merely doing an assignment given by the teacher such as questions or writing essays. Studying is a more personal experience in which you are personally accountable for learning material on the class exams. Actively engage in the text book by highlighting and taking notes on the current chapter or next chapter. Then make cross references to class notes so that you are sure you have covered all the material. If you are not comfortable with studying within the quarters of your residential hall then head over to Woodruff Library. 

Step 7: Chill With Friends

This is your reward time for a day of productivity. Play some video games with your hall brothers or take a girl out on a quick night date. You don't want to build the reputation of being the guy who is not sociable and if you isolate yourself you could potentially become unhappy. 

Step 8: Check Up on Family and Friends

Make sure you have a steady line of connection from Morehouse back to your hometown. Utilize this time to call your parents and tell them how your "doing all the right things." Skype your best friend from back home and tell him how "righteous" the girls at Spelman are. Even though you cant see them face to face, maintaining contact helps them know you still care.

Step 9: Plan for the Next Day

The best part of waking up is knowing you have everything laid out. Your book bag should be packed with all the necessary class materials, and your clothes should be laid out for the next day. In addition,use a planner to organize your tasks for tomorrow so that you don't miss out on any commitments. 

Step 10: Conclusion: Get Good Rest

I know that without having mom and dad it's easy to stay out late and do your thing. However, it is essential that you average about seven to eight hours of sleep per day. The girls at Spelman will always be there. There is nothing worse than fighting to keep your eyes open during a morning class. 

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