How To: Help Someone Who Is Being Abused (by Devon Brown, Firdaws Elmarini, and Caroline Bumgarner)

A lot of the times, our friends are wearing heavy weights on their shoulders. one of these weights can be the weight of a crippling relationship. If your friend has admitted to you that they are being abused, here are the steps you can take to help them.

Step 1: Listen to Them.

If your friend begins telling you about the abuse going on in their relationship, listen intently and let them get everything off their chest.

Step 2: Give Them Support.

Make them feel wanted and loved. Tell them that their problems are important and should be taken seriously. Give them a shoulder to cry on.

Step 3: Don't Blame Them.

Let them know that it is beyond their control what their abuser is doing and that they are not at fault.

Step 4: Encourage Them to Get Help.

Give your friend resources to use so they can contact the correct people and get proper help. Remind them that all of their information will be kept confidential.

Step 5: Tell a Teacher, Counselor, or Trusted Adult.

Know that most trusted adults you inform of the abusive situation are required or probably feel inclined to contact proper officials so that the problem can be investigated. Also, know that when you tell them you suspect abuse, it will remain anonymous.



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    3 years ago

    I absolutely hate it when my friends go and tell adults my secrets and try to help but they don't


    3 years ago

    This is very good information. Thank you for sharing!