How to Help the Environment

Introduction: How to Help the Environment

There are plenty of things that a person can do to make Earth a better place. Going green is easier than you think and with the tips mentioned below, you are sure to feel more environmentally friendly.

Step 1: Recycle

Recycling is one of the best and most popular ways to help the environment. Recycled glass reduces related air pollution, while recycling paper can save trees every day. Aluminium cans can also be recycled, as they are then reused to make brand new ones. The link below offers a simple guide on recycling:

Step 2: Plant a Tree

People use plenty of paper, thus cutting more trees for its production. Planting a tree is good for the air and land. Additionally, most homeowners believe that by planting trees around the house saves them money on air conditioning, because the trees provide shade during summer hot days.

Step 3: Think Manual

Instead of drying your clothes in a dryer, why not let them hang in the fresh air outside? Try to think of all the other possible things you can do manually in the house. Another example is to naturally dry your hair. This is a simple yet very environmentally friendly for the Earth, since you are saving on electricity.

Step 4: Save Water

Saving on water is a crucial step if you want to be more environmentally friendly. By simply purchasing a reusable water container you can reduce the amount of plastic bottles being produced. Other ways to save water is to take showers instead of baths (you need more water to fill in the bath) and brush your teeth without a running water.

Step 5: Choose Paper Over Plastic

Everytime you go shopping, try purchasing items stored in paper containers. A simple example can be purchasing matches instead of a lighter - lighters are filled with butane fuel and although they are considered disposable, many lighters, however, end up in landfills. When buying matches, the container is made from recycled paper. See the video above to find out how much unrecycled garbage is being surrounded by us.

Step 6: Change Your Light

You wouldn't believe how much can you do by simply living green in your house. There are plenty of ways which can help not only the environment, but also can save a lot of money in your wallet. One of the most popular remodeling choices is to have a home powered by solar energy. Installing solar panels will reduce your electric bill and help make the earth a better place. Check to find out more on how you can home remodeling choices environmentally friendly.

Step 7: Give It Away

Before you decide to throw away an item you no longer need, try selling it or giving it away. Living green means reducing the amount of things being thrown in the garbage bags. You can always donate all your unnecessary items for free. This way you will not only help the less fortunate, but also you will reduce your greenhouse footprint. Below are examples of online charity to whom you can donate without leaving your home:

All images used in this guide are licensed under CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication. This guide was created as a part as an English language learning educational project. Thank You for reading!

Step 8: Change Your Transportation

Help the environment by simply walking or bicycling to work. This way you will reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and live a healthier life!

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