How to Hide Almost Anything in Plain Sight

Introduction: How to Hide Almost Anything in Plain Sight

Tired of leaving money or any small valuable item out in the open or hiding it and forgetting where you put it? Heres a quick and relatively easy solution.

You will need:

A whip cream or any aerosal can(must be completely empty)

A can opener

Magnets (rare earth or ceramic)


and a hot glue gun 

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Step 1: Step Uno

Empty your can of choice and get you can opener ready.

Right along the bottom of the can the should be a metal lip like thingy for the base. Right above that put your opener on it and start cutting. You will have t cut a small dash to let all of the spray that is left out and then continue till you have the base completely off the can itself.

Cut the hose with some scissors or a knife to make room. Yes the spray tip will not work anymore.

Clean it because it will most likely have some residue left in it.

Step 2: Gettin Yer Magnets

Grab whatever magnets you want to use rare earth or magnetic (i used both(why not have the best of both worlds?))
 and glue them slightly above the inside end of the can.

if the can sits higher on one magnet then the other heat the side of the can until the glue melts slightly and slides the magnet into a position that fits.

Step 3: Its Almost Spy Like....

Now that your magnets are in place you can set the base back on the can and it looks just like it did before!!! 

You might need to do a little bending around where you cut to make it fit but this should be ready.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I love it! Now I can hide stuff in "yucky" cans like oven cleaner. There is no way my daughter will discover that!