How to Hide Stuff Really Securely


Introduction: How to Hide Stuff Really Securely

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So, you want to hide some things so that noone ever be able to find them? If it so, than grab your valuables and listen to me, because I know what you have to do. It's wery easy.

Step 1:

First - take your stuff and put it into a sock.

Step 2:

Than, leave the sock at your bed overnight.

Step 3:

At the morning your stuff is no more. Noone will find it again, infact, even you!

Nobody knows, how it works. Maybe those socks are entering the pocket universes or teleported straight to hell, where are used as a fuel for torturing sinners. Some scientists suggest that socks are larvae of multydimmentional creatures, and when they're grow up they morph into 6-dimmentional state which can not be percieved by humans. Conspiracy theorysts suggest that it's a part of of a plan of certain secret worldwide organisation of disfunctionig the work of left and right brain hemospheres of people by forcing them to wear only one sock. Or maybe, we all live in an episode of Twilight Zone and nothing really makes any sense.

Some researchers optimistically claim that there's a very small probability of your socks appearing randomly back in your room over decades after disappearing, but their studies are claimed to be contraversial.



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    I found your sock. I think it was in my washer. Sorry bout the phone, it doesn't work anymore.

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    I know where your socks go.

    They morph and appear in my cabinet as lids for plastic food storage containers.



    9 months ago

    I find displaced socks all the time. And usually in places you wouldn’t expect a sock. Like stuck in the couch cushions, or stuck in the cat tree. So far they have all been empty, but I keep hoping that one will be full of future or ancient technology. More likely the past, as now the future has been warned and is less likely to use this method to hide valuables. But if you do find a sock from the future, beware it could be filled with items they don’t want like nuclear waste, or Trump bobble heads....


    9 months ago

    I believe that in this case, we are seeing a case of temporal displacement. Obviously the items placed in the sock are time traveling remnants from the early 80's or earlier (that phone obviously doesn't belong to this time). When placed in the sock overnight, Heisenbergs uncertainty principle says that we can know the socks location, or we can know it's momentum, but never both. So when you place the sock near your bed, you know it's position, but the sock must take on an unknown momentum. Since Socks are notoriously sluggish moving by themselves in the standard X,Y,Z planes that we perceive, the sock takes on momentum in a 4th dimension. This results in the the sock being drug by the items inside of it to their originating time. In this case, the sock is now in the past.

    But in an interesting twist, I believe that if someone in the past finds and empties the sock, then that sock could return to it's original time. That doesn't violate Heisenberg, because you would know longer know the socks position. so this would explain how you might find the sock empty at a later date.

    This process can be greatly sped up by placing the sock and it's contents in the laundry along with loads and loads of other socks. We can pretty much guarantee that at least one or more socks will disappear while doing the laundry, so it would take less time than waiting overnight. Look up the Quantum Theory of Laundry to see why this is.

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    From your theory I can suggest that the socks from the future have to ocasionally appear in our time, and since I've posted this instructable more and more items from future should also be appearing... or was it happening and previously and this is where all the modern technology has come from?