How to Hide a Hangover



Introduction: How to Hide a Hangover

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It's the Holidays and let's face it. There are a ton of parties and festivities that are coming up. How are you supposed to drag yourself out of bed to make it to brunch after a long night? You may not feel so great, but that doesn't mean you can't look great! Fake it til you make it!

By keeping look light and fresh the morning after, you'll look so much more refreshed than if makeup was packed on. Yes it is tempting to literally mask your grogginess but it really won't be doing you any favors in the looks department.

Let's make it a goal to step out looking fresh and amazing this Season despite the happenings of the night before!

Step 1: You'll Need

Moisturizing toner
Cotton pad cut in half
Tinted moisturizer
Lip balm

Step 2: De-Puff

Soak the cotton pads in the toner and chill in the fridge for about 15 minutes. Place on eyes for 3-5 minutes or until the pads lose their chill.

Tip: put the soaked pads in the fridge before heading out for you night out so they're ready for use the next morning. Place them in a clean ziplock bag and let the fridge do the work.

Step 3: Application

Remember keep it light!

1. Foundation. If you don't have tinted moisturizer, mix foundation and moisturizer 1:3. Spread all over your face and massage until absorbed.

2. Concealer. Still keeping it light. Don't go overboard here. Literally just do the eyes and any blemishes. We're not looking for contouring or sculpted cheeks.

3. Blush. I'm using a gel/cream blush to keep it dewy. Not too much, just give the skin a nice healthy flush. We want to look like we woke up like the night had no effect on us.

4. Lip balm. Moisturize those lips. If you have tinted lip balm, go for it, why not?

5. Eye shadow. Using a shade that matches your skin, buff it all over the eye lid. This will give the eye a subtle contour and keeps the skin looking balanced.

6. Mascara. Whack it on. If you curl your lashes, curl away.

7. Eyeliner. If you really can't live without eyeliner keep it simple.

Step 4: Done!

I hope you've enjoyed this instructable and that you'll find it useful during the Holiday Season!

Best wishes to you and your families! Let the parties begin!

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