How to Hol Up (Dance)

Introduction: How to Hol Up (Dance)

"Hol Up" is a dance that originated in Atlanta and it also has a song created from it and I'm going to teach you step by step so you can perform this dance without people laughing at you.

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Step 1: First It's Your Hands!!

Establish your hands as if you broke your wrist or your'e T-Rex trying to eat food with your hands. This is the main concept of the dance and will let people know what dance your about to perform.

Step 2: Next It's the Motion of Your Hands

Your hands are suppose to be like you are swiping at something in the air that's not there. For example try to picture a dog swimming. This move is basically the opener of the dance and will lead to going on to your other moves.

Step 3: Third Switch It Up

After you get the hand motion down switch it up and start doing different movements just add your own flavor to it and stay in rhythm. What I mean by add your own flavor simply means add your own style to represent who you are and how you are unique and this helps you stand out from other dancers.


The legs is the main thing of the dance. If you can't do this part you'll mess everything up an you'll just look dumb.

Step 5: Movement of Legs (contd.)

The legs might be hardest movement to get down, but if you get this everything else will come easy. First your knees has to be slightly bet and with your legs you have to be stomping in place. The knees being bent is for yourself having stability, and so you won't fall over.

Step 6: Movement of Legs (contd.)

Your legs should be stomping, but really not moving anywhere your taking maybe too small steps frontward and to small steps backwards. Your are relatively in the same spot the whole time and this establishes you to not stay in one spot because dancing is never done standing still.

Step 7: Next the Head Motion

Head motion should not be difficult, but most people that try to perform this don't know the secret...

Step 8: Head Motion (contd.)

The secret is that for people that are performing this dance for the first time tend to use their head and what is really moving is mainly your neck (PAUSE) and picture moving like a chicken eating food off the ground. The head movement simultaneously works with the hand motion making the dance more admirable.

Step 9: Putting It All Together

If you have everything down the easiest part would be to put it all together and you can not leave out one motion or everything would look screwed up.

Step 10: Know When to Hol Up!!!

You should mostly turn up to "turnt" songs not songs like Whats My Name by Rihanna or 1000 Miles by Vanessa Carlton. "Turnt Songs" are usually hip hop songs with a very fast paced beat and it is great to "Hol Up" to. Example of "turnt songs" are Hannah Montana by Migos or Karate Chop by Future. Thank you now you'll be the first person doing the "Hol Up" when the right song comes on in a party.

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