How to Hold Chopsticks

In this instruction set, you will learn how to properly use chopsticks in the simplest way possible!

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Step 1: Pull Apart Chopsticks

Separate chopsticks by pulling apart from the middle.

Step 2: Locate the Tip of the Chopstick

Locate the tip of the chopstick, indicated by the end with the point. This is the side you will use to pick up food.

Step 3: Locate the End of the Chopstick

Locate the end of the chopstick, indicated by the bulkier end.

Step 4: Place Between Thumb and Pointer Finger

Using your dominant hand, pick up one chopstick and place in the space of your hand between thumb and pointer finger.

Step 5: Slide Chopstick a Third of the Way Down From the End

Slide the chopstick one third of the way down from the bulkier end, leaving two-thirds worth of space between the tip of the chopstick and your hand.

Step 6: Fold Middle Finger Down

Fold middle finger down, touching edge of finger to chopstick.

Step 7: Apply Pressure

Squeeze the chopstick in your hand, allowing for enough pressure against edge of the middle finger so that the chopstick doesn’t move.

Step 8: Place Second Chopstick in Hand

Pick up the second chopstick and place between thumb and pointer finger above first chopstick, all while maintaining pressure on the first chopstick.

Step 9: Even Out the Tips of the Chopstick

Use non-dominant hand to even out the tips of the chopsticks.

Step 10: Practice Using Chopsticks

Using your pointer finger and thumb, lift the top chopstick slightly and then lower back down. The bottom chopstick remains still the entire time.

As you move the top chopstick, make sure to keep the tips of the chopsticks in line.

This is how you use chopsticks!

Step 11: Pick Up the Noodle

Using a small range of motion, pick up a noodle!

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    3 Discussions


    7 months ago

    Any tips on picking up slippery foods like greasy scallops? I feel like I always just end up skewering them, lol!

    2 replies

    Reply 7 months ago

    Hi Audrey!
    For greasy foods try picking them up by coming at them with the chopsticks sideways instead of picking them up with the chopsticks pointing downwards. Hope this helps!