How to Hook Up a Trailer.




Step 1: What You Need

You need the right size ball and hitch to match the trailer and weight requirements, a truck that has a hitch with the right towing capacity for your purpose, a trailer that is certified and insured.

Step 2:

Insert the ball hitch into the truck hitch and fasten with a pin and safety clip.

Step 3: ​Prepare Trailer So You Can Connect the Ball.

Open coupler lock, and make sure the trailer is raised at the right height so the ball can fit underneath.

Step 4:

Back up the truck and position the ball directly underneath the tongue and lower the jack that the weight of the trailer is fully on the ball.

Step 5:

Close the coupler lock and be sure it is fully locked then insert safety pin into the lock.

Step 6:

Raise the jack to full height and hook up the chains and electrical cord.

Step 7:

Make sure all lights and signals are functioning including brakes (if equipped).

Step 8:

Your all set to go haul.

Step 9:



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      2 Discussions


      2 years ago

      Good Instructible. You've got the basics covered. A couple of things. One would be to NEVER EVER use any type of locking device for the safety pin (step 5). In case something on the trailer starts to burn (or vice-versa), you want to be able to disconnect quickly and not be searching for a key. Other is to cross the safety chains/cables (step 6). Theory is that if the trailer somehow becomes unhooked, the trailer hitch will drop into the crossed chains/cables and be cradled by them, instead of just dropping straight into the ground and digging in.


      2 years ago

      Great instructions! Thanks for sharing how you hook up your trailer!