How to Host a Seasonal Party

Introduction: How to Host a Seasonal Party

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Whether it's Halloween, Thanksgiving, Diwali or any other seasonal gathering, extreme preparation is what makes any gathering truly memorable.

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Step 1: Start by Zeroing in on the 5 Ws!

What are you celebrating? Why are you hosting? When will everyone meet? Where is the get together taking place? Who are you going to invite?

Your party may be a dud if you don't figure those out and share the event information at least three weeks before the party.

Step 2: Now for the Big Fs!

Food! Planning a menu doesn't take long, and can be blast to figure out.
Appetizers? Cocktails? Sit down meal?

Step 3: Big F #2!

Fun! Will there be games, movies, photo booths, a murder mystery? Skies the limit so pick a theme and make it happen.

Step 4: Last Big F!

Friends and Family! You don't have to make everything perfect and there will be hiccups and ridiculousness for sure, but don't forget, these folks mean the world to you so relax and have fun!

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