How to Husk Coconut Using a Billhook Machete




Introduction: How to Husk Coconut Using a Billhook Machete

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One of the main cash crops grown in our part of South India is coconut. Most of the households plant a coconut tree in their backyard for their own use. A billhook machete, which is also part of essential tools kept in home, is used to husk the coconuts. Husking a coconut using a billhook is very easy and safe.

This instructable will show you how to husk a coconut using a billhook machete.

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Step 1: Make a Narrow Groove

  • See that cap on top of coconut where it was attached by a stem to the bunch, lightly tap with the backside of the machete and remove it. Removing the cap will make it much easier to husk.
  • Keep the coconut on its side on a firm surface.
  • Using the wide backside of the machete, tap firmly and make a narrow groove on the husk

Step 2: Husk Using the Billhook

  • Hold the coconut vertically on a firm surface so that the side from where we removed the cap is on top
  • Starting from the top, stab with the hook of the machete just an inch away from the groove made earlier
  • Holding the coconut with your hand, twist the machete away from the groove. You will find few inches of husk getting detached from the nut. (Here you may not see me holding the coconut with one hand as I was taking photographs)
  • You need to stab and twist three to four times longitudinally to tear up a piece of husk
  • Continue this step all around the coconut.
  • Once you loosen the entire husk, you can detach the coconut from the husk.

Here you can see that the three eyes on top of the nut are covered by a layer of fiber. Do not remove this fiber if you want to store and use the coconut latter.

Step 3: Break Open the Coconut

  • The coconut here is husked few days earlier and stored for latter use. This also contains water which you can collect and drink. It may not be as tastier as tender coconut water, still it tastes good.
  • Remove the husk covering the eyes of the coconut
  • Hold the coconut in your palm so that the eyes are on the side
  • Tap lightly around the nut at the center with back side of the machete. This will crack open the nut.
  • Collect the water in a container and drink. Use the coconut meat in your cooking

it is so easy...

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    4 years ago

    Can't beat a fresh coconut! People without strong arms shouldn't attempt this though, I've seen women almost lose a hand!


    5 years ago

    Hmm... I miss husking and opening my own coconuts. Fresh ones are the best.