How to Import an Autodesk Inventor 2013 Sketch to CorelDraw 5




Introduction: How to Import an Autodesk Inventor 2013 Sketch to CorelDraw 5

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In order to scale the boxes I make, I decided to go through the (somewhat painful) growth from 2D to 3D drawing.

I'd been importing Boxmaker pdf files to CorelDraw 5 and tweaking the files a bit to make the files ready for laser cutting.

I want to modify a few basic parameters to enable changing materials, while using the same part drawing.

I took some time at TechShop in San Jose to learn how to get my files from Autodesk Inventor 2013 to CorelDraw 5.

I saw this Instructable, but did not get the same results.  It appears there are some changes between saving from Inventor 2013 to CorelDraw 6 instead of CorelDraw 5.

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Step 1: Export the Sketch

While in 2D Sketch Mode in Inventor 2013, go to the Browser and right-click the sketch icon.

This generates a pop-up menu, allowing you to export the sketch.

Select the Export Sketch As option

Step 2: Choose How to Export the Sketch

Export the Sketch in a .dxf format.

I had inconsistent results going from Inventor 2013 to CorelDraw 5 when I selected .dwg, so I'm sticking with .dxf.

Step 3: Import the .dxf File to CorelDraw 5

Now you're able to import the dxf file to CorelDraw 5, while retaining your original sketch measurements.

Step 4: Confirm the Dimensions

I used CorelDraw 5's Segment Dimension Tool to add dimensions to the imported vectors.  They are consistent with my original Sketch.

Step 5: And Add Graphics and Send to the Laser

Now I'm able to change all lines to vectors (hairlines in CorelDraw), add any raster graphics, and print to the laser engraver.

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    4 years ago

    - Do you mean CorelDRAW v5 (v6) - or X5 (X6) ... ?


    6 years ago on Introduction


    There's another Instructabus somewhere on this site that talks about Corel x6. I tried those instructions and it did not work in the environment I use. Maybe do a search on Corel to find that one.