How to Impress Your Girlfriend

Introduction: How to Impress Your Girlfriend

why hello ladies! How do I best impress you...besides driving my Mustang over jumps in San Francisco and getting really neato drinks named after me at cool Art Bars? It is simpler than you think.

Step 1: Don't Buy Presents, Have Adventures

Instead of going out and buying something, think of something ridiculous that you two like to do together. Or something ridiculous that one of you likes to do, and the other one may not kill you for.

I like mystery and riddles...its just written all over my handsome, gruff face.

Lay a clue using something weird. I made some custom M&M's with a message written on them for a place to go. The clue was "In the olympics, I am 5, 10, or 20m tall, anything taller is a..." you know the answer???

Step 2: Install Some Rogue Art

Yep...Hi Dive...the bar.

Next step, you've got another M&M clue which should have led you to Cupid's arrow in SF. A shiny red sign has been placed in a location a bit out of context from the night before. The sign lists a quote from the book "The Fifth Sacred Thing" by Starhawk, where the name of the main heroine is obviously omitted. If you do a bit of google searching, or you're just a really well read individual, you probably have figured out this person's name is Madrone...

...which just so happens to be the name of the Art Bar you may be sitting at now.

Step 3: Buy a Girl a Drink...

...have you noticed that someone has left you $10 at the bar at Madrone?

...have you noticed that the amount of money left at the bar just so happens to correspond to a drink featuring my daringly handsome name?

...well of course you have, or you wouldn't have known to search for this instructable...

Step 4: ...your Last Clue... to go to a totally sweet bar. One that is in fact portable, and may cost you $1 or less to obtain.

Enjoy :-)

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    6 years ago

    If.. She's your girlfriend, it really shouldn't be that hard. I'd impress mine all the time just by doing little things like making her something (made her a ring, she thought that was neat {it's actually on of my instructables ;) }), or when I was with her just complement her in a way nobody else has. just little things like that, it doesn't have to be something you buy, and if it's kinda a waste of time (like above{no offense}), she's not going to like it…
    I might not be an expert on stuff like this, but it's what I've learned, and I do spose it's different for everyone.