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Introduction: How to Improve Eyesight

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Today I am going to show you several techniques and foods good for improving your eyesight. You can find everything around the house!

Now I am sure that you are aware that there is no real way to improve vision with the information here. BUT this will help maintain a healthy vision, and should be done daily.

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Step 1: Exercises

These exercises should be performed daily, and some every other hour! So make sure to make this apart of your daily routine.

*Make sure to wash your hands before preforming Exercises to avoid injuring eyes.

This Exercise both rests and relaxes your eyes. The first step is to sit in front of a table, rest your elbows on the table, at the same time bring your palms up an put them into a cup form. Close your eyes and bring your cupped hands up to your eyes removing any light from around. During this 10 minutes of relaxation try to think of darkness, or a happy memory while breathing deeply. You may do this 2-3 times a day. (Pic. 1)

Once and a while pick any basic color, and whenever you see that color through out the day such as a yellow banana, or a yellow school bus think of the color.

Focus on a object as far away as you can, after a couple seconds focus on an object much closer (20-30 ft. away) repeat this up to 5 times. Also once and a while just focus on an object as far away as possible eliminating the background around it.

When there is a sunny day, or if there is a desk lamp near by. Close your eyes and face directly toward the sun. sometimes it helps to rotate your head side to side 3-5 minutes. The sun feels warm in your eyes, and very relaxing even on a cold day. *Make sure not to look directly toward the sun, this may damage your eyes. (Pic. 2)

Look at a wall, with your eyes write your name on the wall. Try not to move your head! It might be hard at first, make the letters as big as you can. Also make a invisible clock on the wall, once again make it as big as possible. Look at the center then look at an hour mark, repeat this for each hour mark. And don't move your head!

Step 2: Good Nutrition

Now something we all know about is there are certain foods good for our eyes and her is a list of them:

Vitamin A:
A good Source would be:
-Mangos Or Apricots
-Squash Or Sweet Potatoes

Vitamin C:
-A good Source would be:
-Broccoli and Cauliflower
-Citrus Fruits and Juices
-Sweet Green & Red Pepper
-Tomato Juice
-Papaya Or Cantaloupe

Vitamin E:
A good Source would be:
-Peanuts Or Peanut Butter
-Sunflower Seed
-Safflower Oil Or Corn Oil

-A good Source would be:
-Turnip or Collard Greens
-Brussels Sprouts <--- : )
-Romaine Lettuce
-Oysters and other Seafood

Step 3: Caring for Your Eyes

Taking care of your eyes is probably the most important steps:

Wear Sunglasses
Harmful UV rays can easily damage eyes. So make sure you wear sunglasses when outside, and never look directly at the sun. When the telescope was first invented there was a rumor that a scientist had looked at the sun with a scope, it had blinded him.

Blinking both lubricates and cleans your eyes, blink as much as you can especially when in front of a T.V. or computer screen.

When working on projects, Like the ones on Instructables : ) wear protective glasses to protect from splinters, chemicals, or any other item that may hurt your eye.

Don't stay on the computer or TV to long, in fact get off the computer right now! (Sorry Eric)

Step 4: Use This Information

Since you know all about eyes use this information wisely! Make sure to spread this around so other people can improve their vision too!

And do not forget to Vote and Rate!


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    11 Discussions

    pixel lite
    pixel lite

    10 years ago on Step 1

    Do i practice these exercises with glasses or no? Thanks for the guide btw =]


    10 years ago on Step 3


    I really enjoyed your instructable and thought that you had a lot of valuable and accurate information, but I noticed that you said to wear sunglasses...This is actually not very good for your eyes because wearing any type of glass over your eyes filters light, so only some of the spectrum of light reaches your eyes.  So instead of blocking the spectrum, why not wear a hat to limit how much light enters your eyes instead of wearing sunglasses that cause your eyes to be strained due to the irregular light, and due to the fact that sunglasses cause your pupils to dialate which is also very stressful to your eyes..

    Just thought I'd let you know


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Although I still have poor eyesight, I did a set of exwrcises, more advanced than above, in 94. In 3 months my eyesight improved tremendously. I gave up when I was disappointed that my lazy eye continued to turn in when I strained to see. It is the straining I must overcome. As I have done it since birth it is taking its time to phase out, but I am getting there.

     However, my issue here is with Wolf555's comment about not looking at the sun. Many teachers will tell you to use 'sunning' as part of the work. Try it with a low wattage bulb. At first you will feel a little strain. Don't fight it. Soon you will be able to see the filimant without the pain. Why? Because you are increasing the accomodation for light. In fact once the stress goes it feels so good you want to increase the dosage. Much like with yoga once you realise it isn't pain you are feeling but, release from stress.

    To look into the sun directly without prior conditioning is harmful because of the strain. The strain then puts you into sunglasses too; another set of eye crutches to go with your glasses.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Some complementary practices would be Jack Lallane's face exercises.  This youtube user has upped a whole series of them, but they can be found elsewhere.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    DO NOT FACE THE SUN, EVEN WITH CLOSED EYES!!! the radiation still harms you. BAD BAD BAD idea!


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    She didn't come up with this off the top of her head, you know. For example, a Dr. Meir Scheider cured himself of congenital blindness using this technique. (The woman I studied under did her Master's thesis with him. It was on a massage technique for M.S.) Many many others in need of simple vision correction have successfully used it as the foundation of their natural vision improvement program. So how can it be bad for your eyes? Anywhoo, don't beleive me? Look him up or follow my link.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Im thinking of deleteing that comment...I was ticked off when I wrote this, 'cause I told my dad... He yelled at me for about an hour with half of it "Dont look at the sun!" "Did you look at the sun??" "DID YOU?????!?!?!!" so yea, I was ticked...


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Yikes! You poor thing. My dad could be a freak too. Sorry man.