Improve Old Log Burner Stoves, Secondary Combustion, Gasification, Burn Creosote, Smokeless Part 2

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Yet another improvement to my old Franko Belge Lorraine multi-fuel stove / log burner that has enabled cleaner combustion and more fuel savings. See images for drilled stainless tubing.

See last 7 images. Now, thanks to a suggestion in the comments, a further modification was installed, which involved drilling the existing upper stainless "3/4 inch pipe and adding an additional length of stainless steel threaded tubing, coupled with a 3/4" socket and capped off with a 3/4" threaded end cap.

This helped to spread the air intake across the width of the fire and also increased the temperature of the gas and air mixture, generating a whiter flame, even cleaner combustion, evident in the glass doors. Since the latest modification with extended drilled stainless steel tube as suggested by Gardenweld, the infra red thermometer has recorded temperatures off the scale of 400 degrees Centigrade. The fire was so hot it caused the water to kettle inside because the water pump was not running fast enough. Have now increased speed of pump and it has cooled the fire down better and boosted the radiator and hot water supply.

We have plenty of free hot water and our home is heated burning scrap wood, mostly pine and if we are lucky some hard woods.

Our gas bill for the winter quarter is now a staggering £15.00 for 3 months of blissful free hot water and a cosy warm home. Yes you read that right. By opting for a non-standing charge tariff we have not only virtually eliminated our heating bill, but we now have an almost smoke free combustion in our wood burner. No more creosote and less chimney sweeping.
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    2 years ago

    From my friend on Youtube, who advised on installing the drilled air pipe.

    +Andrew K Fletcher I have been looking forward to this update Andrew. What a fantastic upgrade, People are unaware that the smoke they see coming out of a chimney is actually wasted gasses that can be re-burned before they disappear up the chimney. A hot chimney acts like a vacuum cleaner sucking on the fire, if people use this to their advantage like you have done in this video. When the log burner has reached around 300c and with a good bank of coals. By closing down the primary air The chimney will now draw secondary air from the holes in the pipe above the fire.This, in turn, then relights un-burnt gasses in the firebox slowing down the burn rate and increases the temprature of the stove, saving least 50% on your fuel bill, you will actually see the gasses relighting.. It has a name "Cowboy TV" Thank you for your time and for sharing this video: gardenweld