How to Indoor Paint Wall Murals




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Step 1: Choosing Your Design

First choose a simple cartoon or image and make a grid over it in pencil.

Step 2: Sketching Grid and Making Draft

Choose a good open space to paint your mural. Using the grid method, sketch the proportional grid onto the wall. Following one box at a time make a rough pencil draft of your image on the wall.

Step 3: Paint Time

Start filling in the painted areas starting with the largely used colors then the details after. Paint sponges and brushes work the same. Tip: if a thin black line is needed, use a sharpie. It looks the same and is easier to use.

Step 4: Finishing Signing and Showing Off

Erase stray pencil marks and clean up the wall then Sign the piece at the bottom and show off your work!
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    3 years ago

    We did this mural on our daughte's nursery wall by using a multimedia projector to project a coloring page on the wall, trace it in pencil, and finally color it in with paint.

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