How to Inject a Type 1 Diabetic With Insulin, Using an Insulin Pen

Introduction: How to Inject a Type 1 Diabetic With Insulin, Using an Insulin Pen

Type 1 Diabetes Mellitis is increasingly common, and many of us have friends or relatives with this disease. Diabetics lack the use of their pancreas. Therefore, they are unable to create "insulin"; a hormone used to digest carbohydrates (sugars) that are ingested. Without insulin, the amount of sugar in the blood, or "blood sugars", will become too high. High blood sugars will make a diabetic really sick. Prolonged high blood sugars will lead to permanent injury, such as blindness, and may cause death if left untreated. To survive, diabetics regularly require shots of insulin by pen or syringe. These instructions will demonstrate the simplest, safest, and most painless method of injecting a person with insulin using a "Novolog" pen.

Step 1: Sanitize the Area

Prepare an alcohol wipe, or clean cotton swab, with a solution of at-least 65-75% alcohol. Sanitize a small (about 1 square inch) injection area. Use a body area of high fat, such as the triceps, outer thigh, buttocks, or stomach.

Step 2: Prepare the Needle

Remove the sticker from the base of the needle. Place the now visible needle into the pen, and twist the clear, plastic covering until the needle feels tightly secured. Remove the clear plastic from the needle, and the underlying colored plastic (shown in image).

Step 3: Preparing/ Inserting the Pen

On the opposite end of the pen, turn the dial to the proper amount of insulin for that person. Pinch the area of skin around the sanitized area, place the needle on the skin, and insert it swiftly and straightly.

Step 4: Completing the Injection

Once the needle is inserted, press the button on the end of the dial to release the insulin. Proceed to leave the needle inserted until either the count of 10, or "5-Mississippi". Remove the pen or needle.

Step 5: Following the Injection

A little blood following the injection is normal, and should stop soon. However, you may use a band-aid if you choose! Proceed to twist the needle off the pen, and dispose of it in a proper bio-hazard (needles only) container.

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