How to Inspect Your 3D Printed Things With a VR Headset

Introduction: How to Inspect Your 3D Printed Things With a VR Headset

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Step 1: 3D print an object (or ask a friend to 3D print one for you).

Step 2: Process your 3D printed object in an acetone vapor bath (optional, 30 minutes - 2 hours)

Step 3: Turn on your smartphone's flashlight and put it on a flat surface pointing up (unless you are in space...).

Step 4: Put your 3D printed object on the shiny end of the flashlight (if you don't have gravity, attach it with a magnet or a piece of tape).

Step 5: Put on your VR headset (these things are everywhere these days).

Step 6: Bring your face 0.2-0.5mm close to your 3D printed object being illuminated by the flashlight.

Step 7: Stare at your 3D printed object with one eye for a little while, and then with the other (repeat as necessary).

Step 8: Make conclusions.

Step 9: Profit.

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    3 years ago

    Not sure what this is doing. Are you displaying the 3D object in the VR headset and also seeing the real-world object at the same time?


    Reply 1 year ago

    some VR adapters for smartphones can work without a back plate when the phone is not in use in the box its self. in this situation it seems the phone is being used for the backlight to the object being inspected by the double eyed loupe oh the VR case. if i am reading enough into things correctly. good luck to us all :) happy days too.